Speed up your Julia application development

Genie Cloud helps you develop, deploy and scale web applications in Julia. Build your UI visually, code your business logic in Julia, and publish your app with just one click. No frontend or server stack to worry about.

Build pixel perfect apps with the visual builder.

Create rich UIs using the drag-and-drop visual builder. Mix and match over 60 powerful web components (forms, rich data tables, list, timelines, and more). Add powerful data visualisations with over 30 types of charts.

Visual builder with GenieCloud

Easy publishing.
Effortless scaling.

Host on premises or deploy to the Genie Cloud in one click. Start free, scale as needed. Deploy your computations across clusters with optional GPU support. Fully managed, fully secure.

Easy publishing with GenieCloud

Bring your team on board with the collaborative workflow.

Team-centric app development that works the way you do: in the code editor, through the collaborative notebooks, or within the fully visual UI builder.

collaborative workflow with GenieCloud
collaborative workflow with GenieCloud

Bring your own data.

Databases, files, 3rd party APIs. You name it.

Seamlessly connect to a wide range of data sources and 3rd party APIs. Genie Cloud leverages Julia’s best in class data manipulation frameworks and packages.

Bring your own data with Genie Cloud

Extend with plugins.

Contributed by the Community. Curated by Genie Cloud.

Grow your application by adding powerful extra features, such as user registration and authentication, admin panels, traffic analytics, custom themes, and more.

Extend with plugins with GenieCloud

From the creators of Genie Framework.

At Genie Cloud we want to simplify Julia application development by providing a feature rich, collaborative, cloud based development environment, complete with one-click deployments and simple scaling.

Our team has many years of experience creating, maintaining and contributing to Genie Framework, the most popular open source package for web app development in Julia. We have decades of professional expertise developing and deploying web applications and operating scalable services in production.